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Because TERNPC is young, we want to find it out! Because TERNPC is promising, we want to support it! Welcome your letters, our friends!            More...
 Kelong News
Company Brief
Kelong Industry Ltd is 
 the first high and new 

tech agricultural enterprise sanctioned by State Science and Technology Commission. Kelong Bioengineering R&D Institute established in 1988 by famous scientist Li changxiao who is praised as" Duplicate Master of plant". Research institute's registered capital is 380,000 Yuan. Kelong company registers 4,280,000 Yuan and total assets is more than 30 million Yuan. 

Info Feedback
Invited to Investigation (Silver Card members , Gold Card members and Diamond Card members Only).
Introduction To The Member Community

The service content that common member enjoys:
   (I)Announcing Center by Yourself
   you can publish the professional information in the announcing center by yourself in the clone net . First of all ,you register the true correspondence address, and we will sent you the colourful pages about the " Technique of efficient & rapid non-tube plant clone" as well as some technique data for free.
   (II) Supply & Demand Information Logging on the Website
   you can register the free announcing center in the clone plant net to give off your comprehensive information such as supply information or your demand . While announcing please use the general name of account "clonep", and the general password "clonep" to log on it first .
   (III)Communication Room
   you are welcome to be a guest in the communication room ,and seek for many friends from all over the country ,and you also can consult with the professional web manager about the related problems .
   (IV)Forum of the Rapid ClonePlant Net
   you are warmly popular to log on the common net member district to announce your profound insight . Also you will enjoy our other new service that is continuously developed in the future.
The service content that silver card member enjoys:
   (I)To Establish Your Own Seedling Store in Seedling City of Clone Plant Net ( Seedling Super-Market ) helping to freely establish your net.
    We create this seedling store on our clone plant net ( seedling super-market ) , and our purpose is to advocate the true faith in seedling market in China ,as well as the development of the electric business in our country .If you are a producer & seller and quickly set up a seedling store named by yourself on the net,the result of your action is to promote the society progress , to civilize the selling , to promote your production efficiency and the potential but very high economic performance, and to lower your sales promotion cost.
   Though the purchase & selling on the net is still a new-born phenomenon , the service method that we adopt and the cooperating mode make all the net store hosts and the respected guests who choose to purchase seedlings on the net can form the same feeling : they need not any worry ! It is beneficial to all sides ! Let's just do it !
   You can enjoy the professional and high-class service for your biding inssurance and the competition to bid . This can save a lot of item investment for you the government and the enterprise.
   recommandation of new rapid propagation products
You can master the latest new development of the domestic seedling market ,to enjoy the new domestic special service for the seedling price as well as the service that we will recommend to you about various important new ecnomic plant breeds those are worthy of being cloned .
   At present,we think that it requires a transition period for " No face to face Meeting " for this purchase & selling on the net ,and this is normal. Now we haven't meet each other ,therefore this kind of business form is mainly depends on the trustworthiness of the market order then can proceed smoothly without any error.The effort of everyone in the society is in demand , so construct the social values of the trustworthiness together! Along with the development of the law system in our country continuously ,all business enterprises and individuals can manage their businesses within the sound law system so it is now a rapid developing period for the seedling E-business. If you now devoted yourself in the operation of the net store, times when the seedling trade on the net arrives , you can benefit from it for ever!
  The Chinese clone plant net which was established in 1997,is the first directly professional website about seedling market on Internet . It registers in related website completely both at home and abroad, the clicking rate of it is comparatively high . It owns a large number of customers and net members , having the good brand popularity and the trustworthy prestige. Your seedling store on the net depends on the Internet ,therefore millions of visitors will pay attention to your website,so your seedling products can spread through all over the country ,even to the world .   Of course ,this can create much more ecnomic performance. Clone plant store in clone plant net relies on Internet, therefore your net store will face to the domestic and international visiters and tens of thousands your customers can focuse on you directly, making your seedling wood product head for the whole country quickly, even head for the world, help you create the larger economic performance, zoology performance together with the social performance.
   We faithfully invite you to become the host of the first store in the large seedling supermarket of the world on the internet. We ,the first seedling supermarket on the net, warmly welcome you to manage your seedling store on the net too! Hope your business prosperity !
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